Supervisory Board

Dr. Bob R. Durrer, (retired) former Chairman of GSI Trust a Swiss-German fund that since 1988, financed projects in excess of usd$1 billion. GSI has strong ties with the reinsurance industry. In 1977, he founded Norwich Trust, which provides risk insurance for project financing. Dr. Durrer has extensive international marketing, sales, and investment management experience. He has worked on a variety of commercial and industrial projects in Europe, Indonesia, Nigeria, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, and Venezuela. Eventually in 1981, Dr. Durrer together with several Swiss Bankers founded Genevan Trust to manage family and business trusts. He holds a doctorate of law from the University of Bern, Switzerland, and is fluent in German, English and French.

T. Wayne Franchuk, President of Redleaf Development Corporation, which was responsible for the development of the Strathcona Truck Terminal ($27 million) (Edmonton, Alberta) and procurement of 57% of the equity capital and 100% of the debt capital for RoadKing Corporation. The Company is currently developing real estate projects valued in the range of $100 million, in particular the Columbia Eagle Resorts in Fairmont, BC, Canada.

Prior to founding Redleaf Mr. Franchuk spent 30 years in real estate development industry. Mr. Franchuk held various senior management positions with Carma and the Oxford Group of companies. He was a Senior Vice-President of Carma Developments for over 10 years and the Oxford Group for about 5 years. During his tenure with Carma and Oxford Mr. Franchuk was responsible for the development and financing of real-estate portfolios in excess of $1 billion.

James Marchione, CPA, is the chief financial officer of several real estate investment portfolios in the United States and Jamaica.

As UniGlobe Capital's CFO Mr. Marchione is responsible for structuring the contractually stable guaranteed cash flow in place of collateral for project loans. UniGlobe either assumes and/or mitigates these risks contractually by allocating them to the Developers, Sponsors and Participants (DSPs) associated with a particular project financing. The DSPs includes investors, developers, and offtake purchasers, EPC (equipment, procurement and construction) contractors, consulting engineers, syndicate lenders, multilateral institutions, export credit agencies and others.

John Bannach, over a twenty-year period, Bannach negotiated acquisitions, and financing for commercial, industrial and transportation projects (CITs).

While working with Dr. Durrer, he consulted the Banque Du Rhone (Switzerland), where he reorganized and managed a $300 million construction finance portfolio that grew to $500 million over a three-year period and recovered over $300 million in potential losses.

As Vice-President of a Banque Du Rhone affiliate, Euro Ars Technica, a Luxemburg engineering, procurement and construction ("EPC") company, Bannach was responsible for the CIT projects in North America, EU, CEE, FSU, Africa and Asia. He managed to turnaround the company's losses of $100 million to $205 million in profits.

He also worked with Mr. Franchuk on the RoadKing Project and several other Real Estate Projects in Canada and the US.

As Vice-President of Development and Finance at Hicks Realty in California, he acquired, developed and financed an industrial and commercial asset portfolio of $450 million generating an ROI of 60% (annualized over five years).

Mohamed Mohanna, manages several private Swiss investment companies. He has over 25 years of practical business experience with a distinguished record of project management with the SEBEC Group of companies. His experience includes port management and transportation of chemical and fertilizer materials. Mr. Mohanna has developed an excellent reputation in managing private portfolio funds.