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Client needs additional funds for infrastructure, industrial or public service project. Which is based on Limited resource or non-resource financial structure. Client is looking for the cash flow to cover the loan and benefit shareholders.
Minimum Amount - € 20,000,000
Structured FinanceUnique financial services.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,000
Secured Loans for New and/or Used Equipment

Ideal for customers with long-life equipment needs who prefer asset ownership and the associated tax benefits.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,000

Sale Leasebacks

Sell assets, while maintaining your right to use them through immediate leaseback. Use proceeds for paying debt, enhancing liquidity, asset investments, or acquisitions.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,000

New Markets Tax Credits

A government-sponsored program that offers tax credits to encourage investment in designated low-income communities and or developing host countries.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,000

Royalty Finance

Technology transfers and/or cross border licensing.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,000

Transportation Finance

Air, Water and Land.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,00

Healthcare Facilities

Out-Patient Clinics and Hospitals.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,000

Mergers & Acquisitions

For a Private Company seeking to buy or sell another company.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,000

Private Equity Investment

Investing directly to private company.
Minimum Amount - € 5,000,000

Development Stage:

land acquiring, obtaining all required permission and approvals, design and construction documentation draft, contracts on purchasing the technology and equipment, contracts on selling the end-product, the construction permit).

Short and Long-term financing

Long-term financing


Please accept our apologies, however, UniGlobe Capital has no interest in further work with your application. We wish you to find another source for financing your Project.

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  • Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Presentation
  • Proxy to conduct the negotiations on the Project Financing (if needed)
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