About UGC

UGC provides unique financial service for the clients

About UGC

Supporting development through intelligent Project Financing UniGlobe Capital Trust ("UGC"), a Private Delaware Corporation, is a global provider of Project Finance and Risk Mitigation services to clients and investors. UGC provides Project Financing through its own and its Partner's financial funds.

Our mandate is to support the development of a Host country's economic capacity to engage in trade and business opportunities - internal and external. To fulfill this mandate, we partner with clients from OECD countries to provide finance for Host country projects.

We work with many companies across the world to provide their management and key staff with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to acquire Project and/or Structured Financing that will meet or improve their cash-flow results. UniGlobe is a member of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA).

Companies chose to work with UniGlobe Capital understand the benefits of Project Finance and willingly negotiate funding solutions that are:

We focus on building relationships based on trust. This deals with understanding the big picture. By dealing with business issues head-on, we encourage trust and cooperation that successful companies use to achieve winning performances.

All negotiating tactics that incorporate the specific challenges, terminology and business procedures need to focus on the Client's objectives. This ensures that the desired outcome can easily be applied to the Project.

Our financial solutions include the business economics, feasibility studies, business planning, case studies, examples and illustrations that help our Client develop new ways of addressing challenges and working more effectively.